Our Mission

‘We want to be the voice of the public for public services
Robin Morrison (Chairman)

We are an independent, community interest company, specialising in social research and community engagement, who believe in putting the public at the heart of what we do. As an organisation committed to innovation and collaboration, we pride ourselves on our responsive and flexible approach. We offer excellent value, quality solutions, tailored to your requirements.

To always support the voice of the community and to offer an effective way for people to be involved in the services that provide for their health and social care needs.

To enable better decisions to be made by health and social care organisations based on the experiences and views of the public and the collection and analysis of cross county data.

To involve people in ways that are both efficient and effective.
Using our expertise and industry knowledge to maximise our impact on engagement.

The Engaging Communities Charter


We will use your feedback only on an anonymous basis unless you tell us differently.


We will treat all those who contact us with respect and courtesy.


We will let you know what we have done with your feedback, and any changes your feedback has helped to make.


We will provide open access to all our published reports.


We will use our Healthwatch powers to influence how health and social care services are planned and delivered.

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