Community Events

Less formal than a consultation exercises we are able to assist you in reaching your target audience to be able to give feedback on your service and changes that that you may be considering making. Carrying out public engagement at an early stage in policy development or service re-modelling ensures that the views of service users can be considered throughout its development.  We have extensive experience in delivering public events to support policy and service development, from design of events, provision of independent chairs, sourcing venues and marketing of events as well as collating feedback from the event and providing feedback reports.

Community Engagement

We can support you by designing and delivering your community engagement activities. Our staff have a range of valuable experience in community outreach and community organising. We have a wide range network in a range of communities that enable us to reach those people who are normally harder to engage with and are often under represented. We work with community organisations and those relationships enable us to build trust with members of the community that would normally be reluctant to engage.

Stakeholder and Public Consultations

Formal public consultations require great engagement to ensure that the public are really involved in making decisions about their public service delivery. Engaging Communities are able to provide support to your consultations from designing consultation documents, through to delivering your public consultation as a whole. We are particularly experienced in reaching those communities that are ‘seldom heard’ and encouraging their participation in consultations.

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