Independent Person Panels

Dealing effectively with complaints is key to developing services based on customer experience.  Ensuring that customer feedback is acted upon, redress given where necessary, and lessons learnt to improve practice are all at the heart of the ECS philosophy.  We are currently responsible for the NHS Complaints Advocacy service in Staffordshire.  At present, we sub-contract this service, but we are using this operational year to gain experience managing this contract in order to consider bringing it in-house.

ECS has the advantage of utilisation of an available pool of suitable associates upon whom we can call to carry out the roles of both Independent Person, and of Review Panel Chair/Member.         Due to this, we feel well-equipped to offer the full range of services required including

Providing Independent Persons required for all complaints in health and social care as set out in “Getting the best from complaints”. 

Providing a Review Panel for complaints and analysing and reporting

Support the learning from complaints including providing recommendations and follow up activity

To support the delivery of our quality service, we ensure that all our panel of Independent Persons and Review Panel Members are suitably briefed and supported.  We regularly update of our panel of people on latest guidance and legislation, identification  and implementation of any appropriate training, supervisory meetings and regular DBS checks in line with current guidance.