Social Research & Insight

As a company partner of the Market Research Society (MRS), we use a range of research methodologies to deliver quality insight and reports to our clients. We work across a number of sectors such as health and social care, education, housing, crime, fire and rescue, and sport. Having the service users voice at the heart of decision making is fundamental to the work we do. All our research is bespoke depending on the client’s requirements so that we can meet your needs and help improve services in the long run.

Programme and Project Evaluation

We are able to carry out evaluations of both process and effectiveness using a range of methodologies. Our work includes both formative and summative evaluations which are useful in being able to demonstrate impact along with identifying areas for improvement. Engaging Communities have a track record of carrying out reviews that lead to evidence based recommendations.

Specialist surveys

Our experience of undertaking surveys is extensive and have been used to inform a range of projects. Using a sophisticated online survey software allows us to generate and undertake interactive surveys both online and offline in the field. Our software allows a range of survey designs that will accommodate all needs, abilities and languages.

Thematic Service Reviews and Reports

Thematic service reviews and reports provide independently gathered insight and intelligence to help service providers and regulators to review particular themes of interest associated with their service. These may be useful when monitoring improvement of particular aspects such as waiting times, or food hygiene; or monitoring issues relating to complaints.

Impact Assessments

We have experience in conducting both social and economic impact assessments which help organisations determine the impact of a new service or intervention. Our work has helped inform commissioning decisions and plans for delivering sustainable, cost effective services that meet the need of the population.

Social Media and Web Monitoring

Utilising our social media monitoring platform we are able to track what people are saying about your organisation online by bringing together all social media and news content into one central repository. This can be used in conjunction with other methods of insight gathering or, we can provide you with frequent insight reports based on the sentiment and themes of online content.

Peer Review Services

Would you like feedback and recommendations on the way in which you deliver your service? ECS offer a comprehensive peer review service using a range of techniques to provide constructive feedback and recommendations on the way in which your organisation currently operates. We use a range of methods such as observations, process mapping exercise, focus groups and interactive workshops to help you identify if you are meeting current guidance and legislation and if your processes are efficient and effective.

Online Feedback Centre

Our online feedback centre enables any service user to leave an independent review of a service in their area. This gets added to our bank of intelligence so that we can highlight any potential issues that may arise within your organisation before they become a complaint. In a system that is dependent on prevention as a reliable way of saving money, this system is vital for allowing organisations to stay ahead of service user experience and respond quickly to their needs.

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