It’s one thing us telling you how great Engaging Communities is, but we’re a little bit biased. So, here’s your chance to read what our clienteles say about us. As well as the great comments made on Twitter we also often get unsolicited letters and emails praising our services or the immense efforts of our support team. Here’s a small selection of what our clienteles have said about us…

“Engaging Communities delivered a successful programme of public and patient engagement on behalf of the Trust to support the integration of local hospital services following the review into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

The team’s expertise and understanding of health services and our local communities meant they were able to provide a robust solution ensuring our local communities were informed and engaged in planned changes to services. We were very pleased with the levels of participation. Their comprehensive research report provided excellent feedback and insight and we have taken forward all of their recommendations.

We are now working with Engaging Communities on a second phase programme of engagement which is testament to the excellent work undertaken last year and their expertise in engaging our local population”

Trish Rowson: Director of Nursing, University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust

“North Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent commissioned Engaging Communities to understand the public’s views about the future provision of primary care services.

From the outset, it was clear that the Engaging Communities team had a comprehensive understanding of the issues faced and particularly the challenges that primary care would need to address. This information was used to develop a wide-ranging engagement strategy for patients and other stakeholders.

Rather than creating a new approach the team built on the knowledge they had from previous engagement strategies and this together with a widespread awareness of the localities resulted in an approach which produced an in-depth understanding of the issues that patients and the public faced and provided a very solid base for the CCGs to build on both in developing the primary care strategy and in terms of a future engagement strategy.

I was particularly impressed with the way in which Engaging Communities were able to harness their community experience to ensure that the views of seldom heard groups were strongly represented throughout.”

Liza Pursey: Interim Primary Care Strategy Manager North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

“Engaging Communities designed robust Carers engagement methodologies across two separate phases of engagement and have produced two subsequent reports presenting their findings.

The results of the engagement activities have enabled Carers across Staffordshire to be involved, to have their say, to identify the most important issues that they face and explain how they want to be supported.

The results of the engagement have enabled Carers across Staffordshire to co-produce the Carers Outcomes Framework and also inform the development of the Service Specification for the re-designed ‘Carers Hub’,

With the support of Engaging Communities, the commissioning approach undertaken for the Carers Hub, in terms of the level of Carer engagement and co-production has been commended within the County Council as an example of best practice in commissioning”

Shelley Brough: Commissioning Manager, Staffordshire County Council

“ECS have a proven ability to engage with hard to reach groups and continue to support us with the delivery of important and high impact engagement projects.”

Kate Waterhouse: Head of Insight, Planning and Performance, Staffordshire County Council

“Engaging Communities were commissioned as lead engagement partner on the re-design of sexual health services for Staffordshire. They recruited to, developed and facilitated focus groups and in-depth interviews with the general population and groups at higher risk of sexual ill health.

The focus groups provided a wealth of information highlighting important key themes. This information and the analysis provided was pivotal, in developing a series of “service standards” which set out what the sexual health service should look like and how it should operate to best suit the needs of our residents and service users”

Dr. Rachel Chapman, Commissioning Manager Staffordshire County Council

“Engaging Communities were successful undertaking an independent evaluation of the impact of the Physical Education and Sport Plan for Schools and Colleges in Derbyshire 2012 – 2015. The evaluation looked to determine the impact of the investment with regard to the PE and Sport plan and the School Sport Partnership delivery infrastructure; identify priorities for future work; include views of a variety of stakeholders; and, sought to provide a greater understanding of the potential educational, social and economic benefits.

The evaluation has been particularly valuable in providing a depth and variety of insight and information in to the success of the plan and provided key recommendations for the future planning of this work area.”

Craig Homer: Sport Development Manager, Derbyshire Sport

“Engaging Communities supported the Trust to bring together health and social care organisations from across Southern Staffordshire to consider best use of our community facilities for the benefit of our local population.

They facilitated discussions between organisations as part of a full public consultation, including a range of qualitative research such as focus groups, interviews, public events and surveys to ensure all views were captured.

They were helpful and professional at all times. Their findings allowed us to include and consider new information which our board took into account when making the decision on the future of services at the trust and direct further investigation.”

Alison Wynne: Director of Strategy, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Thanks for highlighting this. These are very important issues and the End of Life report gives an excellent account of how fragmentation of a system can lead to challenges. The outcome of that sadly leads to standards of care and staff satisfaction that are less than desirable. This is an integral part of the Enhanced Primary and Community Care (EPCC) offer and is something that needs real and careful consideration and placement. My sense is that the content, findings and a number of the recommendations within the report can be taken through the new models of care offer.”

Steve Grange: Executive Director of Strategy and Strategic Transformation: SSSFT

 Programme Director – Enhanced Primary and Community Care Transformation: Staffordshire STP

“Engaging Communities have been central to our organisation being able to get a wide range of feedback from the communities we serve in an honest and transparent fashion.

Engaging Communities have used a combination of research methods to really help evaluate South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (SSSFT) services and suggest follow up recommendations, giving opportunity for SSSFT to also feedback to communities. We have found the approach that Engaging Communities takes with communities leaves them feeling empowered and really positive about their contributions that they make towards services development. Engaging Communities have helped us hold up a very honest mirror-making services specific to service user’s needs. “

Jaskiern Kaur, Equality Lead South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

“I was a Carer for my Mother and the experience of looking after a family member with dementia both at home and in care either in hospitals or a nursing home was a major challenge.

Unless you have dealt with it personally then you cannot fully comprehend the impact. That’s why I got involved in the project, because of my interest in Dementia and those caring for loved ones.

Being part of the research and now as the Patient/Carer representative on the Dementia Steering Group at the hospital has been worthwhile and I fight for greater information, accessibility and protection.”

Joan Buck: Participatory Researcher and Dementia Friend

“The CCG were aware of the significant risks relating to rising non-elective admission and attendance at BHFT A&E resulting in our use of Engaging Communities to undertake patient surveys. Results confirmed the variations in reasons for attendance but highlighted the high number of GP referrals.

This observation has led to BHFT redesigning their emergency department and the development of an Acute Assessment Centre allowing GPs to refer direct and bypassing A&E waits resulting in better patient experience and encouraging patients to seek GP assessment prior to self-referral.

ESCCG would like to thank Engaging Communities for undertaking the research and providing us with very useful information and bringing about effective change.”

Dr. Charles Pidsley: Clinical Chairman of East Staffordshire CCG

“Having read the End of Life report, the recommendations align well to plans within Enhanced Primary and Community Care (EPCC) programme around End of Life (EoL) care and as part of the model of care for frail elderly and Long-term care (LTC) care, also with Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) plans for commissioning more effective and compassionate end of life care services and support. Clearly there is much still to do, and discussions around key recommendations such as advanced care planning need to be turned into actions that deliver tangible benefits for our population. I will ensure that the report and its findings and recommendations are properly considered by the Enhanced Primary and Community Care (EPCC) programme.”

Marcus Warnes: Accountable Officer, North Staffordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Stoke-on-Trent Clinical Commissioning Group

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